About Me - Menka Belgal

About Me

From photographing my first born to my first dog, it was love at first click. I feel that photography is more about telling a story and capturing personalities and expressions than it is about the perfect pose. For this reason, I fell in love with lifestyle photography and photojournalism.

I began freelancing for a local newspaper a number of years ago. My photojournalistic style of photography has imprinted itself into my photography...natural and real.  My work has been published in AAA and Style magazines, The Folsom Lake Entertainer, Roseville Magazine and Foothills Magazine and Marshall Medical's For Your Health magazine as well as in visitor brochures, advertisements and other print media.

Since I am an advocate of animal rescue (having adopted two cats and a dog from shelters), during my spare time I volunteer for Fat Kitty City photographing hundreds of cats. I can be reached at (916)804-1654 or mbelgal@yahoo.com.

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